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September 2nd, 2018 5:17 PM by Teacher Staff

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Home at last!

Teacher Next Door Realtor: Charlotte Johnson
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Jose Palomar

"My husband and I raised 5 children and went through some rough financial times. We thought we would never be homeowners again but Jose and his team helped make it possible! We are so grateful for all the hard work they put in to help us overcome a lot. We are home at last."

Donna Gregg
Covington, GA

Easier than becoming a teacher
Officer Next Door Realtor: Kelly Urso
Officer Next Door Loan Officer: Jason Villalobos

"Teacher Next Door made home ownership possible! The process was explained every step of the way. The lender was extremely professional. I was referred to a real estate agent who was familiar with the Teacher Next Door program, and upon closing received 20% of agents commission towards closing cost!"


Stephanie Egans
Rancho Cucamonga, CA


So wonderful!!!

Teacher Next Door Realtor: Joel Jadofsky
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Danielle O'Neil

"This grant is the only way we were able to get into our house. Not only is this our first house, but we found THE house. THE house that is now our home. The process was easy, Danielle was wonderful and so helpful with all of my questions. I would recommend this to any teacher is unable to come up with the down payment".

Ashley Harmon
Panama City, FL


Thank you!

Teacher Next Door Realtor: Cheri Aumond-McLean
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Sheff Brisbin

"Thank you Sheff and Cheri!!!!! There aren't words to describe how awesome they are. Sheff and Cheri went above and beyond to get my kids and I into a home."

Michelle Balaguer
Lake Alfred, FL


Great Experience for Teachers!

Teacher Next Door Realtor: Nancy Cagno
Officer Next Door Loan Officer: Basem Jaber

"I would definitely recommend Teachers Next Door for our co-workers and friends. We found the perfect home for us just in time for the school year to begin! We were able to close quickly and the grant money definitely helped us get into our home without spending more than we could afford!"

Sarah Brady
Stafford, NJ


Great Program!  

Nurse Next Door Realtor: Petra Payne
Nurse Next Door Loan Officer: Melissa Gutierrez 

"This program allows professionals to get the home they deserve without breaking the bank."

Carolyn Mason, RN
Fort Worth, TX



Great Program and Customer Service!

Teacher Next Door Realtor: Todd Lober
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Danny Thomas

"I was looking for a program that would give a possibility of ownership as I enter retirement and had little out of pocket costs. You made this possible with friendly folks to guide the way. You even cover some of the costs and reimburse the appraisal fee after close. Wonderful opportunity for us teachers and great experience."

Becky Green

Gallatin, TN


Exceeds Expectations!

Teacher Next Door Realtor: Cheri Aumond-McLean
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Danny Thomas

"From our entire mortgage team, to our buyer’s agent, teachers next-door remained personally dedicated to seeing us through to a smooth closing throughout the entire buying process. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Melissa Klayton
Dunedin, FL

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