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Teacher Next Door Program Reviews - September 2021

September 1st, 2021 4:44 PM by Teacher Staff

Certified Online Reviews

Most recent certified buyer reviews from Teacher Next Door, Public Servant Next Door, Officer Next Door and Nurse Next Door.


Public Servant Next Door Realtor: Craig Kief
Public Servant Next Door Loan Officer: Rahmun A. Khin

"Explained everything and helped the process go smoothly." 
Joshua Galbraith
Crescent City, IL
Public Servant Next Door Review 9/01/2021

Open Communication! 

Officer Next Door Realtor: Nevin Nearman
Officer Next Door Loan Officer: Sean Baker

"In addition to his expertise, Sean’s continuous and open communication alleviated our worries. His clear explanations of each caveat of the process allowed for true collaboration that ultimately led to Sean scoring many perks for us, as first-time homebuyers.
Haverton, PA
Officer Next Door Review 9/01/2021

Worked Hard! 

Teacher Next Door Realtor: Roberta Lasater
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Tatum McKissack

"They worked hard to get us approved and into the house we wanted.
Dennis Maxwell
Macon, GA
Teacher Next Door Review 9/01/2021

Care and Compassion! 

Teacher Next Door Realtor: Chris Lguchi
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Tyler Fine

"Tyler is excellent! He handled my situation with care, compassion and in a timely manner. He responded quickly to all of my questions and concerns. He was supportive in every way.
Mia Whitney
Hopewell, VA
Teacher Next Door Review 8/31/2021


Teacher Next Door Realtor: Miranda O'Callaghan
Teacher  Next Door Loan Officer: Patrick Warnholtz

"Patrick was available any time of the day. Communication with him and his team was great. I also appreciated how well Patrick and his team worked with the Realtor. They had most things taken care of before I even thought of them. They made my first home purchase a success!" 
Haley Smith 
Spokane, WA
Teacher Next Door Review 8/30/2021

Thank You! 

Nurse Next Door Realtor: Nancy Troxell-Carnahan
Nurse Next Door Loan Officer: Paula Draper

"Paula is the best! She helped me through the whole process. I appreciate her so much especially being a first-time homeowner.
Kelsey Hathaway 
Thousand Oaks, CA
Nurse  Next Door Review 8/30/2021

Very Good Job! 

Nurse Next Door Realtor: Esther Ligon
Nurse Next Door Loan Officer: Patrick Warnholtz

"Patrick and his team did a very good job and they helped me get a wonderful property I appreciate everything they did for me.
Linsey Hinton
Detroit, MI
Nurse Next Door Review 8/29/2021 

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Posted by Teacher Staff on September 1st, 2021 4:44 PM


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