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Housing Grants for Nurses - Update

December 23rd, 2017 2:24 PM by Teacher Staff

Housing grants are currently available for nurses and other medical professionals through the Nurse Next Door Program.  Nurse Next Door is administered by the National Home Buying Program, Teacher Next Door

Through Nurse Next Door / Teacher Next Door, nurses and medical staff are eligible for closing cost assistance grants ranging from$1,000.00 to $6,000.00.  In addition to the closing cost grant, program participants may also be eligible for one of several different down payment assistance grants offered by various agencies.

For example, Teresa Gilkey, a nurse from Tucson, Arizona used Nurse Next Door to receive a total of $14,709.00 in grant funds for closing cost and down payment assistance, with the Down payment portion funded by the “Home Plus” program and arranged by Teacher Next Door’s preferred mortgage lender.

Along with the Teacher Next Door / Nurse Next Door Grants and Home Plus, we also work with many other grant programs from coast to coast.  Some of the grant programs may include Arizona Home in Five, Chenoa, SHIP and many others. 

Because Teacher Next Door / Nurse Next Door program in not a government agency, you may purchase any home on the market, not just HUD homes or homes in certain neighborhoods.  The many different government grant programs we work with, may have certain income and other restrictions and vary in different states. 

To see how much you qualify for, simply complete the pre-application at www.teachernextdoor.us , and a mortgage and program specialist will reach out to you, to help you get pre-approved for your mortgage and let you know what assistance programs are available to you.  Once you have your pre-approval, a Teacher Next Door / Nurse Next Door Realtor® will contact you so you can go shopping.

The Teacher Next Door National Home Buying Program helps arrange the mortgage, Realtor, Grants and other assistance and helps the following public service professionals: teachers and all school personnel (instructional and non-instructional), Nurses, EMT’s and medical staff, law enforcement and support staff, firefighters and support staff, military and government employees.  In most states, Teacher Next Door Realtors® contribute a portion of their commission towards the buyers closing cost grant.

If you have questions about Teacher Next Door / Nurse Next Door, please email info@teachernextdoor.us.









Posted by Teacher Staff on December 23rd, 2017 2:24 PM


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