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August 11th, 2018 3:23 PM by Teacher Staff

The following are some recent online reviews of the Teacher Next Door and Nurse Next Door National Home Buying Programs.  You may see additional buyer photos, press reviews and testimonials from buyers we have assisted at
 https://www.teachernextdoor.us/Reviews or CLICK HERE

Officer Next Door
Officer Next Door Realtor: Sherri Purcell
Officer Next Door Loan Officer: Sheff Brisbin

"The Officer Next Door Program was a great step-by-step for first time home buyers.  Whenever there were questions, they were answered."

Sabata Davidson-Bryant
Homestead, FL


A real pleasure

Teacher Next Door Realtor: Lacey Smith
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Albie Anderman

"Teacher Next Door made buying a home a real pleasure.  Supportive and keeping us informed every step of the way.  I highly recommend their services." 
Victor Loya
Littleton, CO

Amazing Realtor

Teacher Next Door Realtor: Cheri Aumond-McLean
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Jose Palomar

" When I applied for this program Albie was very quick at contacting me and walking me through the process. Then we were assigned our amazing realtor, Cheri. Although we were buying new construction she did an amazing job of helping us to get all of our questions answered and would find answers for us if she didn’t have them. People’s Mortgage got us pre-approved very quickly, even with a not so perfect credit history. Thank you to all for helping us to find and purchase our forever dream home. 
Jewl-Lee Lessem
Zephyrhills, FL


Awesome!!!  So helpful!

Teacher Next Door Realtor: Robin Fagundes
Officer Next Door Loan Officer: David Butcher

"Awesome!!! So helpful! The program is amazing. It's nice that you guys are there helping teachers. The staff of Teacher Next Door program really do care and do whatever it takes to get you in your new home. They explain in detail the program and guide you through it. They are very clear and helpful. David gives you options on types of loans offered. This was my first home and I am very satisfied."

Katie Garcia
Tulare, CA

Highly recommend  

Teacher Next Door Realtor: Roger Kappel
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Albie Anderman

"Albie was a great help and walked me through the process very patiently. He worked quickly and helped me work out any bumps along the road. I highly recommend Albie and his team, they were great! 
Roger was a great help. He was easy to work with and I felt like he truly had my best interests as a buyer in mind. he really worked hard to make sure the property met our needs, and went the extra mile when necessary! 
The program offers some great benefits. My representative worked hard to make sure I benefited from the program. I would highly recommend it to anyone. The program helped me to purchase a home and in a timely manner!" 
Linda Grosvner
Ocala, FL



Can't say enough...such a pleasure

Teacher Next Door Realtor: Sharon Caldwell
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: David Butcher

"Can’t say enough...such a pleasure working with David. He kept us informed and walked us through the whole process.
WE LOVE LOVE LOVE our Realtor.  She is a true professional. Her patience and perseverance got us through this process, keeping us sane! I would highly recommend her to anyone.  We are so thankful you provide this service for teachers."
Michelle Adkins
Scottsdale, AZ



Teacher Next Door Realtor: Lacy Wilson
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: David Butcher

"When I reflect upon my experience with your services, I deem it a Godsend. From the very beginning, I was so satisfied with how you pre-qualified me for a home, found me a great Realtor, and quickly accommodated me when I requested approval for a larger loan than originally desired. You and my Realtor were so patient, for I did take 3 or 4 months to find the home that I wanted. I live in an area with a limited market for my price range. It took a while, but I found the right home and was so fortunate when the owner accepted my offer. My accepted offer was approximately 25k below the appraised value. It all came together. Lacy Wilson was so helpful with me and patient when it came to filling out and explaining all the necessary information needed to complete the purchase of my home. 
?I do highly recommend your program and services to anyone seeking to purchase a home. Thank you for helping me move on with my life and securing a wonderful home."
Shane Walter
Oroville, CA


Patiently walked my through every step

Teacher Next Door Realtor: Jesse Mason
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: James Ward

"I have been a teacher for 18 years and have wanted to buy a house for a long time.  I contacted the Teacher Next Door program this past Spring and James Ward was assigned to be my Loan Officer.   I knew absolutely nothing about the home buying process, but James patiently walked me through every step, right up to closing.  I would highly recommend James Ward to anyone who wants to be a homeowner.  The process can be long, frustrating and sometimes scary, that is why it was great to have James there to help me.  I learned many things about buying a home because of James Ward who is very detailed in his explanations of everything.  Thanks to James Ward and the TND program, I was able to buy my first home."
Linda Dickerson
Tampa, FL


Committed to the family

Teacher Next Door Realtor: Brad Cohen
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Jose Palomar

"They always kept us up to date.  Got to know us and our needs."
Anthony Hill
Staunton, VA


Excellent support through home buying process

Teacher Next Door Realtor: Kimi Parker
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Danielle O'Neil

"Teacher Next Door Program was excellent in providing customer service and making the home buying process an easy experience. They were very helping through every step of the way!!"
Victor Tavarez
Charlotte, NC


In my own home!

Teacher Next Door Realtor: Derek Venema
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Sheff Brisbin

"My Teacher Next Door Team (Sheff, April, and everyone else :) ) made it possible for me to purchase my first home. They were with me every step of the way and were always available to answer my questions no matter what they were. The home buying process can be overwhelming but Sheff and his team made sure that I was an informed buyer. One of my biggest hurdles before finding out about this program was saving enough for a traditional down payment. The discounts provided and loan options I was given made it possible for me to achieve home ownership. I would recommend this program to all of my co-workers."
Jennifer Davidson
New Port Ritchie, FL


Basem was great!

Teacher Next Door Realtor: 
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Basem Jaber

"I divorced at 50 with two teenage daughters. I wanted to buy my own home rather than throw money away renting. I found Teacher Next Door online and thought that grants for teachers sounded pretty good to me. Basem talked me through the entire process. He was very patient and always responded quickly when I had questions. I recommend Teacher Next Door to all teachers!"
Wendi B.
Basehor, KS


Excellent services all around!

Teacher Next Door Realtor: Javin Lopez
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Danielle O'Neill

"I honestly thought I’d have to give up my dream of owning my own home, but Danielle proved me wrong. My credit wasn’t to greatest, but she worked with me and made it happen anyway. I am beyond grateful to her and her team (especially) Sarah for working so hard to make this dream come true for me and my family. Bit only did they help me secure a fair interest rate and down payment, they introduced to us to the best realtor around who helped us into a home in 2 months! I would absolutely recommend this program to any teacher whose dreamed of owning their own house ."
Elizabeth Jordan
Orlando, FL



Teacher Next Door Realtor: Mari Wilson
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Sheff Brisbin

"I appreciated all of the work that the Teacher Next Door program put into helping me find a home! All team members were more than willing to answer any questions I had and explain everything so that I could learn about the home buying process and used all resources they could to help me get into a home. Very glad I used this program to help me buy my first home!
Mikayla Mentele
Johnston, IA


Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Teacher Next Door Realtor: Niva Telfort
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Sheff Brisbin

"My family and I thank God for you and your team for a job well done.  I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.  I couldn't have done it without your assistance. It was a pleasure working with you.  Thank you for Niva Telefort. She's wonderful.  I highly recommend her for future clients.  Thank you for making yourself available day and night.  Your understanding and patience is greatly appreciated.  Thank you once again."

Juslene Fleuricot
Port St. Lucie, FL

Posted by Teacher Staff on August 11th, 2018 3:23 PM


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