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Firefighter Next Door Program Reviews - June 2022

June 20th, 2022 10:56 AM by Teacher Staff

Most recent reviews of the Firefighter Next Door National Home Buying Program:

Stress Free!

Firefighter Next Door Realtor: Ezekiel Roberts
Firefighter Next Door Loan Officer: Trent Sellers

"Zeke was assigned to me. I was on my own and needed someone to support and guide me through this process. Zeke was extremely professional and really knowledgeable. He was always available to show me new properties (30 +) until we located the perfect home. Zeke was patient and always respectful. He communicated with me almost daily and provided me answer to all my questions as well as feedback when needed. He taught me how to actually review a possible purchase, what to look for, what to ask for, when to put in a bid, how to handle not getting the property, and so much more When I became frustrated and disappointed, or just wanted to give up, Zeke was there. I can remember it as if it was yesterday, when he called me and said, "I've located your home, when are you available to see it?" He was right! I've been smiling every day and thanking God for him bringing the Roberts family into my life. I love my new home and I can't thank Zeke, Lori and Addie enough; they made this process stress free. Thank you again!”
Simon Wilson Hunt
McDonough, GA

Support, Communication, Insight, Kindness!

Firefighter Next Door Realtor: Michael Lopez
Firefighter Next Door Loan Officer: Steven Ehrlich

"Kendall went above and beyond when assisting my husband and I in the home buying process. He was patient with the many, many, questions that we had, and he was more than willing to help us out at any time of the day. There is no one else we would have wanted to do this process with. We are blown away by his support, communication, insight, and kindness.”
Ayin Morales
Omaha, NE

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