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Welcome Home New First Time Home Buyers!

November 8th, 2021 11:21 AM by Teacher Staff

Congratulations to the Earso Family, on you beautiful new home in Colorado. Thank you for the 5-Star review. It was our pleasure to serve you.  

Forever Grateful! 

Teacher Next Door Realtor: Rachel Simring
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Alisa Manning

"Alisa gave me a warm welcome to my home buying journey from the very beginning. I was totally new to how things work when it comes to home buying, but Alisa always made me feel like everything was possible. I remember her words after our first couple of phone interviews: "Let's get you into your new home, my friend." And that is exactly what we became, friends! And as a friend, Alisa took extra good care of me, acknowledging that I deserved the chance of having a place of my own and making sure that I was treated fairly throughout the application process. There were setbacks of course, the same way it happens in other aspects of life, but we were able to listen to each other and work things out. I am a homeowner now, and I am thrilled about it! Thank you, Alisa, for helping me conquer this dream! Forever Grateful!
Henry Eraso
Aurora, CO
Teacher Next Door Review 11/07/2021

Posted by Teacher Staff on November 8th, 2021 11:21 AM


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