Teacher Housing Grants

up to $4,170.00 ($6,000.00 in some areas)

Now available in all 50 states:
(Click on your state for more information)

In addition to the Teacher Next Door Grant, you may also be eligible for
down payment assistance of up to  $10,681.00

"I was very happy with the support provided by Teacher Next Door. As a teacher in the 8th largest school district in the nation, I try to share information about the program as much as I can, because I truly believe Teacher Next Door is working to help teachers enjoy a better quality of life through finding the perfect home. I was very appreciative of the financial support available."  
The Ballans Family
Riverview, FL

If you are not a teacher, but you work in administration or as a public service professional, such as law enforcement, firefighternurse or government employee, you may qualify for assistance.  For information on these programs CLICK HERE.

Information updated August 1, 2020