"The Teacher Next Door program helps find grants and pay closing costs for those who qualify." "Helps teachers, public servants buy their dream homes." 
Nicole Grigg, ABC Action News

"Not all hope is lost for teachers looking for home-buying assistance." "Teacher Next Door connects educators to a wide variety of grants and housing programs, including Good Neighbor Next Door."   

"Nurse Next Door program offers home buying assistance grants to medical professionals."

"Housing in this program isn't limited to federally designated revitalization areas and there are no residency requirements."


What Teacher Next Door Buyers are saying...

Understands Teachers!

"Buying a home could be a very overwhelming experience if you do not have the right people on your side.  Mrs. McLean's expertise on the home purchasing process definitely alleviated this burden for me and my family.  I knew she was going to be the right person to work with from the very first time we viewed a property together.  She understood my overwhelming life as a teacher and made accommodations without hesitation to work around my schedule.  Mrs. McLean is very knowledgeable and understood what my family needed from the beginning.  She always knew what to say when times got difficult and gave a generous part of her commission to help with closing costs! The house she found, it’s the perfect home for us!"

Graciela Cruz
Primary Teacher
Bryan Elementary
Plant City, FL

Definitely Recommend!

"I would definitely recommend Teacher Next Door for our co-workers and friends.  We found the perfect home for us just in time for the school year to begin.  We were able to close quickly and the grant money definitely helped us get into our home without spending more than we could afford!"

Sarah and Matthew Brady
Stafford, NJ



10 Stars if I could!

"I would give Sheff 10 stars if I could! Buying a home does not have to be stressful or scary and Sheff will take care of you every step of the way!  We switched from a very well-known mortgage company to Sheff with the Teacher Next Door Program. I immediately felt at-ease on the phone talking to him.  He explained every step of the home buying process so I would understand everything I was doing. He made the whole thing so stress-free.  I felt like he was cheering us on the whole time and wanted what was best for us. Even with switching lenders halfway through the home buying process, Sheff and his team were able to get us to close on our house on the same date that the other lender had promised. Overall, Sheff and his whole team are amazing, and I would recommend them to anyone—especially first-time home buyers."

Danielle Sisson-Jones
Lynchburg, VA

Made My Dream a Reality!

"Mr. Ward is the best you can find out there when it comes to buying a house. He breaks down the process to you from beginning to end. He ensures you are getting the best and only the best. He is kind hearted, patient, polite, attentive, competent, enthusiastic, easy going and I could go on and on, Mr. Ward made my dream a reality. James Ward is the man you want to help you along the way.  My son loves his new home all thanks to the Teacher Next Door program and Mr. Ward and his team.  Thank you!"

Melissa and Brayden Hutchinson
Cape Code, MA


Helped Tremendously!

"The Teacher Next Door program has helped us tremendously at getting us into a new home that fits for our family. As a blended family of five kids - Sheff helped us to get the mortgage loan and understand the mortgage process. He had weekly updates and very easily answered our questions. Now that we were pre-qualified, we then next turned to Cheri to help us find a house that fit our needs. She was very prompt via text messaging and emailing for questions about houses.She was also very flexible to fit our schedule at looking at houses for us to see. After we found our house, Cheri and Sheff did everything in a exceptional manner and very prompt at getting the paperwork processes through the lender. Also, April and Caress contributed to helping us with paperwork and questions needed for this to happen. At the end of the day, we are in a new home that meets our needs and looking forward to raising our family in our home.  The Teacher Next Door Program has met our exceptions!  Thank you to all. "

Amy O'Brien and Justin Elsasser
St. Pete, FL

So Grateful!

"Tonight we finally got to unlock the door to our new home. We’re so grateful to all of you—especially Skye for showing up at every turn.  I know you all put up with a lot of worry and questions from me. Remember, for many this is a new language. I’m grateful to each of you for answering my questions and guiding the way. (Especially over text, Kendall!)  We will love this home deeply and will send photos once it’s decorated.  Here is what I wrote on Facebook tonight...

Today, we closed on our first home. We had a picnic dinner on our living room. Then David went to middle school orientation(yikes!) for O. The girls and I took Steel on a 2 min walk to the park next to our home. We’ve been there 100s of times. But tonight, as I watched the girls play with friends, the Sandias turn pink, and the sunset, it felt different. It felt like home. Our home..."

David and Jamie Martinez Solis
Albuquerque, NM

Beyond Grateful!

“I honestly thought I’d have to give up my dream of owning my own home, but Danielle proved me wrong. My credit wasn’t the greatest, but she worked with me and made it happen anyway. I am beyond grateful to her and her team (especially) Sarah for working so hard to make this dream come true for me and my family. Not only did they help me secure a fair interest rate and down payment, they introduced to us to the best realtor around who helped us into a home in 2 months! I would absolutely recommend this program to any teacher whose dreamed of owning their own house.” 

Elizabeth Jordan,
Orlando, FL 






Wonderful Program!

“The Teacher Next Door program recently made my dream of home ownership come true! He could not have made the process any easier from explaining the loan options, setting me up with an amazing Realtor, making sure I knew exactly what each home would cost before I viewed them, to arranging for the closing and talking me through the process. He answered a ton of questions with a calm kindness and seemed to always be available no matter the day or time. This is a wonderful program for teachers! I would not have a home today if it was not for James and his team! Don’t wait to call them, they will help change your life.”

Krissy Vilagie
Brocton, MA


With Us Every Step!

"We wanted to give a shout out to Cheri Aumond-McLean for helping us find our dream home here in Tampa, FL. She was with us every step of the way (and I definitely appreciated her quick responses to ALL of my questions). She gets stuff done! Without this program, we would have been at a loss during the whole process. We appreciate the team (Cheri, Jose, Albie, and everyone else behind the scenes) that came together to guide us - we're at a loss of words for how thankful we are!"

Danielle Matte, Teacher
Tampa, FL




You NEVER let us down!

“We can never thank you enough! You have been so amazing through this process from answering all our questions, to giving us reassurances that we can do this! You NEVER let us down, you were always there, even at 10PM, calling me back to walk me through documents, to listening to my meltdowns. You made this process a breeze, and it was nice to have someone always in our corner!  Many Thanks and Blessings!"

The McWherter Family
Paducah, KY




Wonderful Program!

"Teacher Next Door is a wonderful program! I am so glad I heard about this program, was able to get the information I needed to apply.  Mike Jones was my cheerleader, go-to-for-answers guy, very supportive, and extremely patient with my seemingly endless barrage of questions. Cheri McLean was the best Realtor anyone could have! She was available for showings, questions, and a warm smile and friendly support in my search for a home. The entire team was helpful and willing to explain each process. I am so grateful for all they do! Thank you for helping me!"

Wanda Miller
Lakeland, FL



In Good Hands!

"We contacted James after learning of the Teacher Next Door program. From the moment I first spoke to him I felt that we were in good hands. As a first-time home buyer the process can be overwhelming, and he broke it down for us and made the pieces seem bearable. He was quick to answer all of our calls and emails in simple to understand language, so I never felt that I didn’t understand what was happening. The process went more smoothly than I ever expected, and I attribute that to James and his team. I would highly recommend working with James and Teacher Next Door."

Amber and Nadir Kalaclar
Boston, MA





Amazing Team!

"When we began thinking about buying a house we were nervous. We didn’t really know the process. We are beyond thrilled that we found Teacher Next Door! Sheff was amazing at answering all of our financial questions and Cheri Aumond-McLean made sure we knew what was happening and what was coming every step of the way. What an amazing team and we are so thankful that they helped us make our dream of home ownership come true!" 

Eric and Jessica Thomas
Clearwater, FL




Forever Grateful!

"Hey Jose, April, and everyone who was involved and played a huge role in making this teachers dream come true. From the bottom of my heart I want to say thank you for everything you all have done for me and my family. At times this journey became difficult, even to the point that I was ready to throw in the towel and give up. There were many sleepless nights and tears shed in this journey but, you all were a motivating and driving force to keep on going. I know it was not easy on your end by no means but, you all stuck with us and saw this through. My son who was recently diagnosed with autism was my biggest driving force to hang in there and keep trying to make this work. You might not know but all your efforts were for him and to give him a better life. I truly appreciate all the hard work you all did and will forever be grateful for that. Thank you for what you do and helping us teachers be able to live the dream."

Monique Blaize
Homestead, FL


Dream Come True!

"We just wanted to take a brief moment to thank each of you for your time and efforts to help make our dream come true of purchasing our new home.  We couldn't have been more impressed and thrilled with the work each of you carried out on our behalf.  We appreciated your willingness to answer any of our questions and to be reachable at the various hours of the day to put our minds at ease during times of stress. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thank you for the email and for sending along the picture of us in front of the new home. We'll definitely have that one framed and put somewhere in the house to keep as a memory sake. In addition to that, we simply cannot thank you enough for all that you did for us over the last couple months!  At the drop of a hate, you were there to help answer any of our questions and to put our minds at ease at what could have been a very stressful time."

Ross & Shellie Jeske
Bartow, FL

Amazing Program!

"Through the Teacher Next Door program, we were able to find our Realtor, Todd Lober, who has done such a fantastic job ensuring we were able to buy the home of our dreams! Teacher Next Door helped with saving money on our closing costs. This is truly an amazing program for teachers looking to buy their dream home. We appreciate everything this program and Todd Lober has done for us. He has become more than just our Realtor, but a friend in the process."

Jeff and Melissa Christ
Gilbert, AZ


Home is where your story begins!

"My story began on Thursday, February 25, 2016! With the help of the Teacher Next Door Program and James Ward (with ENG) my dream of purchasing my first home became a reality! Throughout the entire process from beginning to end James was a tremendous help to making the process run smoothly. James always made sure I fully understood everything."

Ashley Clinch,
MDCPS Teacher
Miami-Dade, FL

Wonderful Experience!

“I had such a wonderful experience working with the Teacher Next Door program. I am a first-time home buyer and was not quite sure what the entire home buying process entailed. The folks at TND helped me every step of the way. They guided me through each step, partnered me with a reliable and knowledgeable Realtor, answered any questions I had along the way, were very organized and professional, and overall made sure I was happy and informed in my home buying process. I am much more knowledgeable about buying a home and feel confident that all of my ducks are in a row for my first place. It was truly a blessing to have people to help me through this process that I would not have been able to do or afford on my own."

Shelby Morgan
Henderson, NV





Dream House!

“Words will not express our thanks Sheff. We thank you and your team for helping us with the purchase of our dream house."

Plant City, FL





Couldn't Have Been Happier!

"As part of utilizing the Teacher Next Door Program, a Realtor was assigned to us and we couldn’t have been happier with our Realtor, Cheri. Although we were looking to purchase a new construction home, Cheri accompanied us to the sales center and was able to ask questions of the sales rep that we didn’t even know to ask. Her knowledge of property pricing, HOA fees, CDD fees, and business lingo allowed for us to get an accurate representation of what we would be paying and getting if we moved into this new community. Throughout the purchasing and building process, Cheri was always quick at getting us answers and advocating for us when something did not seem accurate. I would recommend Cheri to any of my friends and fellow educators looking to purchase a home."

Jewl-Lee Lessom

Zephyrhills, FL

Amazing to Work With!

“Words cannot do James and the Teacher Next Door Program justice! James was the most accommodating, helpful person I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. He was professional, knowledgeable and overall amazing to work with. He made an extremely anxiety provoking process way less daunting. He was there whenever we needed a question answered or something explained, despite the three-hour time difference. I can’t thank James enough for helping us get into our dream home! The dogs thank you too!”

Samantha Lloyd,
Boston, MA


Above and Beyond!

"Our loan officer (and the entire loan team) went above and beyond to help us with the closing. We were under some tight time constraints and I know they spent hours working to ensure we were well taken care of and helped prevent disaster!  Our Realtor was knowledgeable and insightful. She worked hard to protect our best interests and anticipated many disasters that we were able to prevent because she was so proactive. She was patient with us, explaining how the behind the scenes processes worked and coaching us to how to make smart decisions. She never gave up and stuck with us through over 6 months of work to get the short sale of our dreams in the neighborhood of our dreams.  I was very happy with the support provided by Teacher Next Door. As a teacher in the 8th largest school district in the nation, I try to share information about the program as much as I can because I truly believe Teacher Next Door is working to help teachers enjoy a better quality of life through finding the perfect home. I was very appreciative of the financial support available."

Aimee Ballans
Riverview, FL

Looks out for your best interest!

"Being young first-time home buyers and a newly married couple, we were new to the home buying process. As we did our research, we knew it would be a long grueling process but was very excited to get started. We even took a first-time home buying course about six months prior, to help better educate ourselves. Buying a home was one of our major goals we had our minds set to. As we learned about the Teacher Next Door program, we knew it was perfect for us.  James Ward is a very kind and knowledgeable person. He’s very easy to talk to and looks out for your best interest, making sure he sees you through the entire process. From our very first conversation we knew he was a hard-working person and he got the ball rolling. We cannot explain how grateful we are from beginning to end. He was always in constant communication with us explaining what we currently would be doing as well as what to expect further down the line. The program makes it so much easier for home buyers as everything you need is within the program. He provided us with a great team who presented ethical and top-notch work. By having the bank, realty company, attorneys, appraiser etc. all working together in his program, things were made so much easier for us as we didn’t have to go out and hire them on our own. With this setup plus the financial assistance that the program provides in the form of credits, the process was made much more cost-effective than if we tried to do it on our own. From visiting houses with our realtor, Greg Anderson (who was excellent) to working with our attorney and closer, we had a great first experience and are very thankful for all that was done with and for us. We are happy to say we have become homeowners, accomplishing our goal. We will be sure to recommend anyone for this program, letting them know the impressive work that was offered.  Thank you again!

Kasapyam & Nancy White
Boston, MA

Super Streamlined!

"I really want to thank James and his team for making the house buying process super streamlined. It was such a lifesaver not having to go about recruiting all of the different professionals required while still teaching full time, raising a toddler, keeping up with the place we were renting, and raising a husband (haha, just kidding babe!). James was highly informative, professional, and responsive. The real estate agent he paired us with was personable, reliable, and super knowledgeable as well. Honestly, everyone from the team was a pleasure to work with, got things done in a timely manner, and answered all of our questions...which there were a lot of! If you want to take the stress out of building a well-oiled home-buying support team (and get some desirable financial perks along the way) then working with Teacher Next Door is something you should definitely look into!"

Danielle, Teacher
Lowell, MA


Forever Grateful!

"My experiences with Teacher Next Door far exceed my expectations.  I had contacted James a few years prior just to find out about the program and I was excited to find out that he was still our main contact.  He treated me with the same respect and understanding as he did with my initial inquiry. I wasn’t ready a few years ago and James knew that. However, he still gave me helpful advice on how I could increase my credit score, how important it was to save for a down payment and left me with a feeling of confidence that I could accomplish this goal within the near future.

This past March of 2019, I had the goal in mind to be approved for a mortgage by my birthday in April. Although still a little nervous, I knew I was ready to make this new investment for me and my children’s future. I had a time frame and budget in mind and was able to by my forever home, start to finish in 3 months!As stressful and nerve racking the whole process of buying a home can be, James Ward and his team understood and respected every questions and decision that I had. Anytime, day or night, James would respond in a timely manner. As a single mother, I let my guard down and put my trust into James and Bank of England. I could tell that they all had my best interests in mind. Never did I ever feel pressured into buying something out of my comfort level. I will be forever grateful to of had the help from the Teacher Next Door Program and to of had the opportunity to have James Ward by my side every step of the way!

Caroline Ciulla
Special Education Teacher
Brocton, MA

Blessing for my family!

"The team from the Teacher Next Door Program have been a blessing to my family and myself in the hunt for finding a place I can call home.  They have made the process simple and go step by step to alleviate any stress along the way.  Thanks to the Teacher Next Door Program, I can now say I am a Homeowner!!  If you are looking to buy a house or refinance, this program is for you!  Excellent customer services, and very knowledgeable individuals."

Kirk and Alesha Lyle
South Yarmouth, MA





Zillow Reviews

Natalie is Awesome! 

Natalie is awesome. She's constantly in contact, available when you need her, and has a strong knowledge of the Salt Lake Valley market. It was my first time buying a home and she helped me every step of the way. Not only is she knowledgeable but she also acts as a great advocate during the process.  I'll recommend her to anyone that asks and will definitely be using her services in the future when it's time to sell our house. Thanks Natalie!!

Zach Witter
Salt Lake City, UT




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Most Recent Certified Buyer Reviews

Clearly Cared! 

Public Servant Next Door Realtor: James Allen
Public Servant Next Door Loan Officer: Samantha Wallace

"Samantha Wallace was very engaged with us during our first home buying experience. She clearly cared about us as people and made every step of the process simple for us. We really appreciated her weekly check ins on Tuesdays. We would absolutely work with her again." 
Geoffrey Stafford 
Harvre de Grace, MD
Certified Public Servant Next Door Review 10/12/2020

Professional and Knowledgeable! 

Teacher Next Door Realtor: George Lacobelli
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Samantha Wallace

"It was a pleasure working with Samatha, She was very Professional and Knowledgeable of her work. At the end of the day she got the job done." 
Edward Reed
Newark, NJ
Certified Teacher Next Door Review 10/12/2020

The Best!

Teacher Next Door Realtor: Donell Henderson
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Tatum McKissack

"Tatum is the best loan officer in all of Arizona. She was almost too patient with me. Her kindness put me to shame. She is a great person and was knowledgeable in every question I had!! Very personable. Not boring. She helped us out big time." 
Aaron Macias
Cartersville, GA
Certified Teacher Next Door Review 10/08/2020


Teacher Next Door Realtor: Abner Alvarez
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Bryan Friedman

"Bryan was phenomenal! He was very easy to get ahold of. Anytime I had a question he would help me out. I really feel like he was looking out for us to make sure we were getting all the info we needed and the best deal possible. Thank you so so much for helping us buy our first home!!!"
Sara Najera
West Palm Beach, FL
Certified Teacher Next Door Review 10/08/2020

Great Job!

Teacher Next Door Realtor: Cyndi Leake
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Danny Yale

"Danny did a great job at keeping me updating throughout the home buying process. He was available pretty much 24/7 and helped me along the way!"

Kayla Thoele
Mesa, AZ
Certified Teacher Next Door Review 10/07/2020

Incredibly Smooth!

Teacher Next Door Realtor: Nancy Troxell
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Sean Baker

"From start to finish Sean and his team made this what can be often a daunting process run incredibly smoothly. Sean was there to answer all my questions, no matter how redundant I thought they were, time and time again. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field and does an excellent job of breaking things down so a layperson can understand them. I am so happy that I was put in touch with Sean through The Teacher Next Door Program and am more than thankful to him and his team for guiding me through the process of buying my new home!"
Michelle Robert
Simi Valley, CA
Certified Teacher Next Door Review 10/06/2020

Always Available!

Public Servant Next Door Realtor: Claire Casseus
Public Servant Next Door Loan Officer: Bryan Friedman

"I could have not asked for a better loan officer when dealing with the home buying journey. He was always available and answered all my questions promptly. I am already providing the info for other family members and friends to request Bryan as their loan officer."
Federico Peguero
Ocala, FL
Certified Public Servant Next Door Review 10/06/2020

 Informative, Insightful!

Teacher Next Door Realtor: Maria Crisostomo
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Brian Cohrt

"Brian was informative, insightful, and on top of things every step of the way! He recommended an amazing real estate agent (Maria) and together they helped to make my first home buying experience a positive one! I am very fortunate to have worked with the Teachers Next Door Program!"
Victor Loya
Littleton, CO

Certified Teacher Next Door Review 10/05/2020

Dreams a Reality!

Nurse Next Door Realtor: Kathy Colbert
Nurse Next Door Loan Officer: Jose Palomar

"Your hard work, expertise and dedication was greatly appreciated. Continue making dreams a reality. Thanks Emma and Jose" 
Myah Walker
Slidell, LA

Certified Nurse Next Door Review 10/01/2020

Very Helpful!

Nurse Next Door Realtor: Tina Bidergall
Nurse Next Door Loan Officer: Crystal Hoyt

"Crystal was very helpful throughout the whole process. I was able to contact her with any questions and she replied every time quickly with the answer or would point me in the right direction. This was my first time buying a condo and she made it as pleasant as possible."

Scott Steffens
Arlington Heights, IL
Certified Nurse Next Door Review 10/01/2020

Stress Free!

Teacher Next Door Realtor: Kathy Colbert
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Sean Baker

Sean was the most personable and friendly loan officer to work with. He always took time to check in with me and make sure the home buying process was running smoothly. As a first-time home buyer Sean always explained everything and assured I understood each step of the process. He made my experience stress free and even took the time to personally check in on me and my family when a natural disaster hit close to home. Sean is an amazing loan officer who went above and beyond for me. I'd highly recommend Sean to anyone in the process of securing a loan. I am so grateful that I had Sean to help me buy my first home!" 
Megan Lee
Baton Rouge, LA

Certified Teacher Next Door Review 10/01/2020

Quick and Pleasant!

Teacher Next Door Realtor: Sandra Sexe
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Ricardo Manzo

"Always answered my many questions quickly and pleasantly."
Ellen Sage
Sarasota, FL

Certified Teacher Next Door Review 09/30/2020


Teacher Next Door Realtor: John Tutino
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Rahmun Aung Khin

"He was informative and he made the transaction run much more smoothly."
Gwyeth Dinh
Green Acres, FL
Certified Teacher Next Door Review 09/30/2020

Excellent Job!

Teacher Next Door Realtor: Becky Colson
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Brian Cohrt

"Brian did an excellent job with maximizing the credits I received and supporting me throughout the process even when things would not go as planned. "
Derrick Allen
Eastman, GA
Certified Teacher Next Door Review 09/30/2020

Amazing Throughout!

Teacher Next Door Realtor: Caleb Gottberg
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Ryan Mutterer

"They were amazing throughout the entire process. Ryan and his assistants were always on top of everything and all explained very thoroughly. They are patient and great to work with."
Cynthia Johnson
Jacksonville, FL
Certified Teacher Next Door Review 09/29/2020


Teacher Next Door Realtor: Cynthia Ahart
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Sean Baker

"Excellent source of information and he walked me through the loan process step by step and swiftly "
Wilford Joseph
Lafayette, LA
Certified Teacher Next Door Review 09/28/2020


Teacher Next Door Realtor: Steven Adams
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Ricardo Manza

"Ricardo was amazing throughout the entire home buying process. "
Jennifer Davidson
New Port Ritchie, FL

Certified Teacher Next Door Review 09/26/2020

Very Helpful!

Teacher Next Door Realtor: Angela Horga
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Taylor Johnson

"Very helpful and offered helpful information. Taylor eased my anxiety about buying me first home. Thank you Taylor!"

Brandy Truman
Glendale, AZ
Certified Teacher Next Door Review 09/25/2020

Excellent, fast, informative!

Teacher Next Door Realtor: Tasha Marks
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Phil Resmer

"Excellent, fast, and informative. Phil, helped me I every step of the way when purchasing my home. I stand behind his work. Your company is lucky to have you working for them! "
Sergio Flores
Chicago, IL
Certified Teacher Next Door Review 09/24/2020

Quick to Respond!

Teacher Next Door Realtor: Steve Moore
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Kendall Grady

"Quick to respond when I had questions. Always polite and nice during what can be a stressful time. Would highly recommend him"
Jessica Baily
Denver, CO
Certified Teacher Next Door Review 09/21/2020

Thank you from the bottom of my Heart!

Officer Next Door Realtor: Lyndsee Phillips
Officer Next Door Loan Officer: Brian Cohrt

"I am not exaggerating when I say "I am in my new home because of the hard work and supportive attitude of Brian Cohrt and his team". Brian exudes confidence without being arrogant. He has a unique ability to put a person at ease with the lending process. I am glad to have had my mortgage serviced by Brian Cohrt and will recommend him to my colleagues, family, and friends. Thank you Brian!!! Chef Garcia"
Randy Garcia
Beverly Hills, FL

Certified Officer Next Door Review 09/20/2020

Very Responsive!

Teacher Next Door Realtor:  Teri Schock
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Will Precs

"Will took the time to communicate with me frequently with any and all updates. He and his team were very responsive to any questions that I had. "
Hilary Logan
Manor, TX

Certified Teacher Next Door Review 09/20/2020


Firefighter Next Door Realtor: Ester Ligon
Firefighter Next Door Loan Officer: Danny Thompson

"Very personable and Karoline his assistant was super helpful and persistent. Definitely felt supported the whole way through. "
Michael Johnson
Detroit, MI

Certified Firefighter Next Door Review 09/16/2020

Very Helpful!

Teacher Next Door Realtor: Shauna Weatherspoon
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Crystal Hoyt

"Crystal and the TND team were very helpful! They helped me navigate through the home buying process. "
Yazmine Smith
Aurora, IL

Certified Teacher Next Door Review 09/14/2020


Nurse Next Door Realtor: Tina Bibergall
Nurse Next Door Loan Officer: Will Preecs

"Will, Scott, and the rest of my team were amazing. Very thorough in their explanation of the process and answering all of my questions. I am so thankful for all of their work."
Anne Hitch
South Elgin, IL

Certified Nurse Next Door Review 09/12/2020

Top Notch!

Teacher Next Door Realtor: Caleb Gottberg
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Basil Pelensky

"Basil, I can’t thank you enough for the time and dedication you spent to get me and my family in a home of our own. You and your team made our journey to home ownership pleasant and unnerving. The communication was top notch and I never once felt like I was “flying blind”. They were there every step of the way. From my family to all of yours thank you! Julie K. and family."
Shawn Hayden
Moxee, WA
Certified Teacher Next Door Review 09/12/2020

Understanding, Caring, Respectful!

Public Servant Next Door Realtor: James Allen
Public Servant Next Door Loan Officer: Brian Cohrt

"Brian was the best loan officer I could have asked for - understanding, caring, respectful, and responsive!"

Heather Green
Hampstead, MD
Certified Public Servant Next Door Review 09/12/2020

Made buying process easy!

Public Servant  Next Door Realtor: Ester Ligon
Public Servant Next Door Loan Officer: Danny Yale

"Danny did a great job and was available when I needed him. He worked really hard to make this house buying process easy, and showed me that I could buy a home, even when I didn't feel I was able to."

Brianna Glossett
Ypsilanti, MI

Certified Public Servant Next Door Review 09/11/2020

Definitely Recommend!

Teacher Next Door Realtor: Cheri Aumond-McLean
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Danny Yale

"Danny was so awesome to work with! He always took the time to answer our numerous questions to make sure we understood the home buying process! I will definitely recommend Danny to anyone purchasing a home! "

Taylor Martins
Tampa, FL

Certified Teacher Next Door Review 09/08/2020

Upfront and Helpful!

Officer Next Door Realtor: Tiffany Bell
Officer Next Door Loan Officer: Kevin Connors

"Everyone I worked with was upfront and helpful. My questions were always answered. I knew what to expect every step of the way."
Kylon Brune
Colorado Springs, CO

Certified Teacher Next Door Review 09/08/2020

So Easy!

Public Servant Next Door Realtor: Brittany Carney
Public Servant Next Door Loan Officer: Patrick Warnholtz

"Patrick was very helpful and answered all my questions! He helped make this process so easy."
Bernice Green
Jacksonville, FL
Certified Public Servant Next Door Review 09/07/2020


Officer Next Door Realtor: Kristy Anderson
Officer Next Door Loan Officer: Kevin Connors

"Kevin was very helpful!"
David Tamaklo
Anderson, SC
Certified Officer Next Door Review 09/07/2020

Amazing to work with!

Teacher Next Door Realtor: Benjamin Babeaux
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Bryan Friedman

"Bryan was amazing to work with he took calls and texts nights and weekends and always answered me quickly. He was willing to answer all of my weird questions and went above and beyond to also talk to my dad who also wanted to ask a ton of questions, I’m sure we were a pain to work with but he was always extra kind to us! Thank you!!"
Katie McMahon
Dublin, OH

Certified Teacher Next Door Review 09/07/2020

Hard Working!

Teacher Next Door Realtor: Lindsey Burlingame
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Hope Dang

"Hope is the hardest worker in the room!"
Anh Nguyn
Kansas City, MO
Certified Teacher Next Door Review 09/06/2020

Knowledgeable and Focused!

Teacher Next Door Realtor: Aimee Jones
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Ryan Mutterer

"I am a California Teacher, 21 years & just closed on my first home. Ryan Mutterer walked us through every step of the sometimes naturally confusing purchasing process. My wife & I felt safe & comfortable at all times knowing we had a knowledgeable & focused loan officer guiding & protecting our interests. Not once was a call not answered, an e-mail not responded to or a question unanswered. Even when issues occurred on our part we had Danielle Gonzales with Ryan Mutterer to swiftly & effectively clear the path to closing on & owning our first home. We were blessed to have such a smart, dedicated & hardworking team helping us."   
Steven Turner
Bakersfield, CA
Certified Teacher Next Door Review 09/05/2020

Super Communicative!

Teacher Next Door Realtor: Ernesto Sayson, Jr
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Samantha Wallace

"Sam was great to work with! Always super communicative and made the whole process simple and easy. "
Gloriana Diaz
Fairfield, CA

Certified Teacher Next Door Review 09/03/2020

Best interest at heart!

Nurse Next Door Realtor: Shanita Taylor
Nurse Next Door Loan Officer: Ricardo Manzo

"Ricardo was great to work with. You could tell he had our best interest at heart."
Allison Curnock
Berwyn, IL
Certified Nurse Next Door Review 09/03/2020

Helpful and Knowledgeable!

Teacher Next Door Realtor: Danetta Cororossi
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Sean Baker

"Sean was very helpful and knowledgeable. And he was also very personable. I would definitely recommend him to somebody else. "
Kim Campbell
Surprise, AZ

Certified Teacher Next Door Review 09/01/2020

Very Satisfied!

Officer Next Door Realtor: Jolanda Parker
Officer Next Door Loan Officer: Bryan Friedman

"Bryan was very helpful in our home buying process. He always kept us updated and would answer any questions promptly. He was easily accessible by email or phone and we were very satisfied working with him. We would definitely recommend Bryan to anyone seeking to buy a home. "
Luis Hernandez
Dallas, TX
Certified Officer Next Door Review 09/01/2020


Teacher Next Door Realtor: Frank Bassio
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Shareese Taylor

"I wish there were 10 stars! We had such an amazing experience! This is our third home purchase and the smoothest by far! Frank and his team are THE best to work with. The PERFECT realtor, Shareese Taylor, was chosen by you for us! Great work! HIGHLY recommend Frank Bossio! Thanks so much!"
Richard Flanary
Knoxville, TN

Certified Teacher Next Door Review 09/01/2020

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