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Teacher Next Door Program Reviews - November 2022

November 8th, 2022 10:19 AM by Teacher Staff

Congratulations to the Neenan Family, on your beautiful new home in Massachusetts!  Thank you for the 5-star review!  We were excited to be part of your journey!

Amy and Eric work in the Beverly  area, and were able to take advantage of the Teacher Next Door grants and benefits. Here is what they had to say about their experience with the program.

Wonderful Program!

Teacher Next Door Realtor: Jesse Mason
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: James Ward

"First time home buying can be extremely intimidating, and we honestly had no clue where to begin. After learning about the Teacher/Nurse Next Door Program we reached out to James and everything was a breeze from there. James and his team broke everything down step by step, and kept us on track in such a timely manner that we were into our new home in just a few short months. We are so incredibly grateful for this wonderful program.”
Amy Neegan
Beverly, MA

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Posted by Teacher Staff on November 8th, 2022 10:19 AM


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