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Teacher Next Door, the largest National Home Buying Program in the United States, provides the ultimate buying experience for teachers and school employees, along with the most benefits of any local or national program.

Teacher Next Door is the only program that allows you to combine the Teacher Next Door GRANT, with other teacher mortgage programs offer through our preferred lender.  All three of our preferred lending teams, work only with Teacher Next Door program participants and are required to offer certain financing options. 

Some of the options available through Teacher Next Door and our preferred lenders include down payment assistance and non-repayable grants.  These may include the Teacher Next Door Grant, Georgia Dream, Arizona Home in Five, Golden State Platinum, Florida First, Military Heroes, First Home, Chenoa and Unison.  Available mortgage loan options may include FHA, VA, USDA and Conventional. 

We also work with HUD's Good Neighbor Next Door program.  However, Good Neighbor Next Door homes are have extremely limited availability and the program has a number of special requirements that do not apply to Teacher Next Door. (I.e. special bidding process and three year residency requirement.)

When you apply through Teacher Next Door, you will be contacted by a licensed Program Specialists, who will help you get into the specific mortgage and assistance programs that give you the largest tangible benefit.

Teacher Next Door has thousands of Realtors nationwide who have completed specialized training and are knowledgeable in working with the programs we provide.  Our Realtors also contribute a portion of their commission towards your closing cost grant.  

Teacher Next Door also has benefits available for other public service professionals, including nurses and health care workers, law enforcement, firefighters, government employees and military personnel.

The first step in the process is to complete a pre-application.  You personal financial information is not collected on the pre-application.  Once completed, you will be contacted by a licensed Program Specialist to discuss your situation and help custom tailor a solution to help you in the purchase of your new home.

You may find additional information and answers to frequently asked questions at https://www.teachernextdoor.us/FAQs.

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Posted by Teacher Staff on April 1st, 2019 7:08 PM


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