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Teacher Next Door Realtor: Selinda Dow
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Brian Cohrt

"Brian made my homebuying experience a wonderful one. From the beginning, he was attentive to my needs. He also made sure that I knew the latest information in regard to my loan. Brian is a very personable, honest person who had my best interest at heart. Any time I had questions or concerns, he was there to answer my questions and address my concerns. Brian is a great choice! I appreciate his dedication to helping me secure my first home! :) " 
Ebony Conyers
Sumpter, SC
Teacher Next Door Review 8/01/2021

Really Cares! 

Teacher Next Door Realtor: Paulette Carter
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Sean Baker

"Sean is really great!  He really cares about the people he works with. Throughout the process Sean responded quickly to any and all questions we had and made sure we understood what was going on-EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!
Kimberly Barfield
New Orleans, LA
Teacher Next Door Review 8/01/2021

Such a Pleasure! 

Teacher Next Door Realtor: Sherri Purcell
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Crystal Hoyt

"Working with Crystal and Sherri in my home buying process was such a pleasure. They not only understood my needs and wants but truly went above and beyond by helping me close my property in under 4 weeks of getting an offer accepted. Crystal kept me sane, listened to my concerns without passing any judgements and made me feel confident while deciding on options. I want to personally thank crystal and everyone for helping me make my dreams come true!!!
Bianca Harris
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Teacher Next Door Review 8/01/2021

Very Helpful! 

Teacher Next Door Realtor: Beatrice "BJ" McLean
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Steven Ehrlich

"Steven was very helpful throughout the whole process. He constantly kept us updated and informed on steps we should be doing, which is everything you’d want during the home buying process.
Thomas Nelson
Charlotte, NC
Teacher Next Door Review 08/01/2021


Teacher Next Door Realtor: Swana Thomas
Teacher  Next Door Loan Officer: Brian Cohrt

"Brian was awesome. Always on top of everything. Very responsive and timely. He made things easy for me.
Tameeka Jones 
Brooklyn, NY
Teacher Next Door Review 7/31/2021

Thank You! 

Nurse Next Door Realtor: Brian Gentry
Nurse Next Door Loan Officer: Nick Fountotos

"Thanks so much for walking us through the process!
Jacob Beazer 
Orthello, WA
Nurse Next Door Review 7/30/2021

Very Knowledgeable! 

Nurse Next Door Realtor: Carlos Abelais
Nurse Next Door Loan Officer: Jacob Lavoto

"Jacob was very knowledgeable and genuinely wanted to help us with the home buying process." 
Jaymie Smoot
Tucson, AZ
Nurse Next Door Review 7/30/2021 

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Posted by Teacher Staff on August 1st, 2021 6:02 PM

Congratulations to Albert and Stephanie on your new home in California!  We wish you many happy new memories!  

Special thanks to TND Preferred Realtor Nancy Troxell Carnahan, and TND Program Specialist, Jesse Frankenfield.

Next Door Program Reviews

Posted by Teacher Staff on July 22nd, 2021 5:18 PM

Certified Online Reviews

Most Recent Certified Buyer Reviews


Teacher Next Door Realtor: Nancy Troxell Carnahan
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Sean Baker

"Sean is an excellent communicator, friendly approach to answering any questions or concerns I had, I always felt my best interest was in mind and the efficiency wrapping up it was excellent. Thank you for making my dream come true.
Sunaina Sharma
West Lake Village, CA
Teacher Next Door Review 7/12/2021

Friendly and Helpful! 

Teacher Next Door Realtor: David Harrison
Teacher  Next Door Loan Officer: Ricardo Manzo

"Ricardo was very friendly and helpful throughout the entire process. I loved working with him." 
Martina Jackson 
New Orleans, LA
Teacher Next Door Review 7/12/2021


Nurse Next Door Realtor: Kelly Urso
Nurse Next Door Loan Officer: Ricardo Manza

"Mr. Manzo and his team were phenomenal. I am nearly one year into living in my new home, and I continue to share my experience with friends, colleagues, and families. Since the process was my first home purchase, I depended on Mr. Manzo for every step. He would explain every detail to me, he would take the time to answer every single question I had. He would call me first thing in the morning and stay after hours when we were on the phone in the evenings. He made sure I had all my questions answered. Another member of Mr. Manzo's team was Jason Bastian. Mr. Bastian helped me with the details of paperwork and was also very patient with me. He helped me in every phase. I am so thankful that God blessed me with Mr. Manzo and his team. My experience was better than I could have expected. The process of home buying was emotional and having Mr. Manzo helped so much. Thank you.
Dr. Tracey 
Fairfield, CA
Nurse  Next Door Review 7/12/2021

Thank you! 

Nurse Next Door Realtor: Eze Amadi
Nurse Next Door Loan Officer: Danny Thompson

"Walked me through every step of the process and helped bring down my monthly payment." 
Anna Harris
New Carrollton, MD
Nurse Next Door Review 7/11/2021 

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Posted by Teacher Staff on July 12th, 2021 10:39 AM

Congratulations Robyn on your awesome new home in North Carolina!  We wish you and your family many happy new memories!   Thanks again for letting us be part of your journey! 

Nurse Next Door Reviews

Posted by Teacher Staff on July 5th, 2021 2:31 PM

We help Nurses & Healthcare Workers with homeownership too!

Who is Eligible:

Nurses (RN, LPN, NP)
Respiratory Therapists
Medical Assistants
Medical Staff
Endoscopy / Radiology Techs
Lab Techs
Hospital Employees

ALL Healthcare Employees!

Nurse Next Door Reviews

Posted by Teacher Staff on July 5th, 2021 1:29 PM

Congratulations to nurse and new home owner Jennifer Martin, of Aurora, Colorado!  Thank you for everything you do for the community and for allowing us to be part of your home buying journey.

Special thanks to Nurse Next Door Realtor Partner, Steve Moore and NND Program Specialists Nick Fountotos.

Nurse Next Door Info

Posted by Teacher Staff on June 7th, 2021 11:40 AM

Home Loans for Nurses
May 22, 2021

What is the best home loan for nurses?  Almost every lender can offer Federal “conforming” loans, such as FHA, VA, USDA and conventional. So how do you choose which loan type and lender to use?  

The Nurse Next Door Program is part of the largest National Home Buying Program in the U.S.  In the past twelve months, Nurse Next Door has helped over 25,000 nurses, healthcare workers and other public service professionals, navigate the home buying process.  

If you are a nurse or other professional working in the healthcare industry, you are eligible for the Nurse Next Door National Home Buying Program.   There is no fee for using the program and the benefits are substantial.

Home Loans: For the mortgage loan, a Nurse Next Door Certified Program Specialist will discuss your individual situation and help you determine which home loan program will benefit you the most.  All loan types are available in connection with the Nurse Next Door Program, including conventional, FHA, VA and USDA.  In addition, you may qualify for special programs such as Fannie Mae’s HomeReady  or Freddie Mac’s HomePossible or HomeOne programs.

Grants: Housing GRANTS up to $6,000.00 are currently available to nurses and healthcare employees.  Depending on the area, these grants may include government grants and/or the Nurse Next Door Grant.  Some of the state specific programs may include Arizona Home in Five, Georgia Dream, Florida First and others. 

Down Payment Assistance: Nurse Next Door works with over thirty different down payment assistance programs, including national programs such as Chenoa and Unison.  Currently, down payment assistance amounts may be up to $10,681.00, depending on your location and individual circumstance.

First Time Home Buyers: The Nurse Next Door Program is not limited to first time home buyers.  However, nurses and healthcare employees, who are first time home buyers, may also benefit from Nurse Next Door’s First Time Home Buyers Program.

Other Benefits: Nurses and healthcare employees may purchase any home on the market through Nurse Next Door, with no 3-year minimum residency requirement. There are no application or up-front fees and the Simple Docs Program, available in most states, may reduce or eliminate the need for you to gather many of the verification documents typically associated with a mortgage loan.   

For more information on the Nurse Next Door Program, you may visit www.NurseNextDoorProgram.us or www.teachernextdoor.us/Nurse.   


Nurse Next Door Program Reviews

Posted by Teacher Staff on May 23rd, 2021 11:11 AM

First Time Home-Owner!

My whole experience was very positive. Jose was quick to respond to any questions I had and helped me understand every step in the process. As a first-time homeowner I was extremely glad that I got to work with the Teacher Next Door Program.
Caitlin Dauby
Granger, IN

Great Program!

Great program! Top-notch communication. Smooth process!
DeeDee Robinson
Orange Park, FL

Dream Come True!

Sean, Thank you so much for working with all the teams and making my dream come true to buy my own home. The whole process would not have occurred without you running interference and running with the ball. You are great and thank you again for all you did and it was a great pleasure working with you. Best regards
Clarine Usher
Metairie, LA

Every Step!

Brian was there every step of the way with both advice and reassure. We couldn't have asked for a better guide.
Donna Williford
West Columbia, SC


Samantha was fantastic throughout the whole process. She was extremely knowledgeable and helpful, and remained in constant contact with me throughout., including evenings and weekends. I am certainly going to recommend her to anyone that I come across who is in the market for a mortgage. She and Danielle are the absolute best.
Christopher Pringle
Newark, NJ

First Time Home-Owner!

They walked us through the whole process which was great as I am a first-time buyer and had no clue what to do.
Rachel Wood
Mesa, AZ

A Breeze!

Hi, I just wanted to say working with Ryan and April was a breeze. They were very helpful, always willing to answer the phone calls of a nervous first time home buyer!
Gabrielle Pena
Miami, FL

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Posted by Teacher Staff on August 10th, 2020 12:02 PM

Congratulations to the Mcclinton family on your beautiful new home!  We hope you enjoy many happy new memories!  Britney is a nurse in the Durham, NC area.  It was our please to work with her and to give back to someone who does so much for others!  



Posted by Teacher Staff on July 17th, 2020 3:45 PM

Amazing Experience!

"Working with Samantha was such an amazing Experience!  As a first-time home buyer, saying I was a bit lost was an understatement.  Sam was extremely clear, so I knew exactly what to expect before anything happened.  She made sure I felt comfortable at every point.  Her communication skills were top-notch throughout the entire process.  I could not be happier with my choice.  Samantha killed it!"

Kelsey Chenoweth
Damascus, MD

Above Expectations!

"Brian went above my expectations.  He dealt with all my questions...and I had a lot.  He walked be through the process of buying a home, gave advice, was knowledgeable, patient and helped me even when it was past "business hours" to get things accomplished.  Danielle was also a God send.  I'm so grateful!  I actually have a home now thanks to this team!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

Melissa Melendez
Orlando, FL

American Dream!

"The American dream is to own your own home and I'm so thankful to Sean and his Team for helping make this a reality for me!  They made the process smooth and simple.  They were always available and responsive if I had any questions and were able to work with the unique challenges of my situation.  10/10 would recommend to anyone!

Carissa Hawes
Lexington, KY

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Posted by Teacher Staff on July 17th, 2020 11:07 AM


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