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Teacher Next Door Program Benefits:

Purchase ANY home on the market

NO application fees

NO up-front fees

NO Broker fees*

LOWEST interest rates for teachers*

NO MONEY DOWN home loans*(Where available)

50% OFF appraised value purchase program*
(Good Neighbor Next Door Pgm. on HUD selected homes)

FREE home buying service*

FREE access to (MLS) home listings*

FREE Nationwide access to Foreclosures*

Lowest rates on homeowners and other insurance*

GRANTS and Down Payment Assistance (Where available)

Fresh Start Program*

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Teacher Next Door Housing Grant Information (video)

Good Neighbor Next Door Program (video)

Teacher Next Door Housing Grants for Police, Fireman, EMT, Nurses

Information updated November 23, 2016

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Teacher Next Door is the only nationwide home buying program for teachers in the United States, serving over
3.3 Million teachers and their families.


Awesome!!! So helpful! The program is amazing. It's nice that you guys are there helping teachers.

Katie Garcia,
Tulare, CA    

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Teacher Next Door connects educators to a wide variety of grants and housing programs, including Good Neighbor Next Door.

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