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Massachusetts Teacher Next Door

Knowledgeable and Professional!

“I could not have had a better experience looking for my first home! As a super busy young teacher, the process of looking for a house in my price range was at first daunting. I decided to contact James Ward to chat about the Teacher Next Door program and by the end of the first call, I understood so much more about the logistics of buying a house. James is very knowledgeable and professional- he is always available to talk and answers your questions thoroughly. When I was ready to see my first house, James referred me to Jesse Mason of Colby Hunter Realty. I truly believe that Jesse is the best in the business. Jesse was available for help at any given time and always gave me his honest opinion. Even though the process took longer than expected, Jesse and James always offered me their full attention and continuously had my back. Both James and Jesse have been so patient and kind throughout this process. I have already suggested them to other friends and family who may be interested in purchasing or refinancing in the near future. I am now a homeowner! Thank you so, so, so much for all of your help and support! I feel completely blessed.”

Catie Konstas
Middlesex, MA

Looks out for your best interest!

"Being young first-time home buyers and a newly married couple, we were new to the home buying process. As we did our research, we knew it would be a long grueling process but was very excited to get started. We even took a first-time home buying course about six months prior, to help better educate ourselves. Buying a home was one of our major goals we had our minds set to. As we learned about the Teacher Next Door program, we knew it was perfect for us.  James Ward is a very kind and knowledgeable person. He’s very easy to talk to and looks out for your best interest, making sure he sees you through the entire process. From our very first conversation we knew he was a hard-working person and he got the ball rolling. We cannot explain how grateful we are from beginning to end. He was always in constant communication with us explaining what we currently would be doing as well as what to expect further down the line. The program makes it so much easier for home buyers as everything you need is within the program. He provided us with a great team who presented ethical and top-notch work. By having the bank, realty company, attorneys, appraiser etc. all working together in his program, things were made so much easier for us as we didn’t have to go out and hire them on our own. With this setup plus the financial assistance that the program provides in the form of credits, the process was made much more cost-effective than if we tried to do it on our own. From visiting houses with our realtor, Greg Anderson (who was excellent) to working with our attorney and closer, we had a great first experience and are very thankful for all that was done with and for us. We are happy to say we have become homeowners, accomplishing our goal. We will be sure to recommend anyone for this program, letting them know the impressive work that was offered. Thank you again!

Kasapyam & Nancy White
Boston, MA

Truly Amazing!

"First off, this program is truly amazing. My wife and I loved the idea of owning our home, but because we live in the Boston area, the possibility felt out of reach. We also found we needed to move because our new landlord was suddenly raising the rent. But when we found the Teacher Next Door program owning our own home ACTUALLY seemed plausible! What is more, the help and support we received, from the loan officer James Ward of Bank of England & Real Estate agent Jesse Mason of Colby Hunter Realty which the program supplied, was first-class, responsive, and very helpful every step of the way. And even though the process can feel overwhelming, at least for first-time home buyers like us, James & Jesse were ever-patient with us and they were always willing to help guide us, answer questions, and explain things clearly when we felt confused. We now own our first home(!!!) and are so grateful for this unique home buying program and all the help it provided. Thank you “Teacher Next Door!"

Tad & Natalie Blake-Weber
Boston, MA

Amazing to work with!

"Words cannot do James and the Teacher Next Door Program justice! James was the most accommodating, helpful person I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. He was professional, knowledgeable and overall amazing to work with. He made an extremely anxiety provoking process way less daunting. He was there whenever we needed a question answered or something explained, despite the three-hour time difference. I can’t thank James enough for helping us get into our dream home! The dogs thank you too!”

Samantha Lloyd,
Boston, MA

Super Streamlined!

"I really want to thank James and his team for making the house buying process super streamlined. It was such a lifesaver not having to go about recruiting all of the different professionals required while still teaching full time, raising a toddler, keeping up with the place we were renting, and raising a husband (haha, just kidding babe!). James was highly informative, professional, and responsive. The real estate agent he paired us with was personable, reliable, and super knowledgeable as well. Honestly, everyone from the team was a pleasure to work with, got things done in a timely manner, and answered all of our questions...which there were a lot of! If you want to take the stress out of building a well-oiled home-buying support team (and get some desirable financial perks along the way) then working with Teacher Next Door is something you should definitely look into!"

Danielle, Teacher
Lowell, MA

Forever Grateful!

"My experiences with James Ward, his team, and Teacher Next Door far exceed my expectations.  I had contacted James a few years prior just to find out about the program and I was excited to find out that he was still our main contact.  He treated me with the same respect and understanding as he did with my initial inquiry. I wasn’t ready a few years ago and James knew that. However, he still gave me helpful advice on how I could increase my credit score, how important it was to save for a down payment and left me with a feeling of confidence that I could accomplish this goal within the near future.

This past March, I had the goal in mind to be approved for a mortgage by my birthday in April. Although still a little nervous, I knew I was ready to make this new investment for me and my children’s future. I had a time frame and budget in mind and was able to by my forever home, start to finish in 3 months!

As stressful and nerve racking the whole process of buying a home can be, James Ward and his team understood and respected every questions and decision that I had. Anytime, day or night, James would respond in a timely manner. As a single mother, I let my guard down and put my trust into James and Bank of England. I could tell that they all had my best interests in mind. Never did I ever feel pressured into buying something out of my comfortability level. I will be forever grateful to of had the help from the Teacher Next Door Program and to of had the opportunity to have James Ward by my side every step of the way!

Caroline Ciulla
Special Education Teacher
Brocton, MA


"This was my first home, and I cannot believe how lucky I was to have stumbled upon James through the Nurse Next Door program. He made this process so easy, and he went above and beyond every time I needed something. My case was complicated, and I was sure I would have trouble getting a loan, but James and his team got me financing seamlessly so that I could purchase an amazing home. I am so grateful to have had the support of James and all of his amazing connections throughout this process – everyone was extremely knowledgeable and professional. James honestly made me feel like his top priority consistently with the way he worked with me so promptly and with so much attention to detail. I cannot recommend him highly enough to anyone looking to purchase a new home!"

Jamie Worcester
Boston, MA

Blessing for my Family!

"Mr. Ward and his team from the Teacher Next Door Program have been a blessing to my family and myself in the hunt for finding a place I can call home.  They have made the process simple and go step by step to alleviate any stress along the way.  Thanks to the Teacher Next Door Program, I can now say I am a Homeowner!!  If you are looking to buy a house or refinance, this program is for you!  Excellent customer services, and very knowledgeable individuals."

Kirk and Alesha Lyle
South Yarmouth, MA

First Time Homeowner!

"I am a first-time homeowner.  This would not be possible without the Teacher Next Door program or the assistance of James Ward.  The program worked with me to find specifically what I was looking for.  I now own a home in the town I teach in. Questions were answered Immediately, no matter what day or time.  I feel I should add that the sale took place Corona virus pandemic and James did not miss a beat, which made the process safe and timely.  If you qualify for this program, I highly recommend it."

Tina Clark
Boston, MA

Highly Recommend!

"We met James and the entire team through the Teacher Next Door Program. TND helped us in every stage of home buying process from obtaining pre-approval, assigning realtor, lawyer assistance, home inspection/appraisal, TND credits (financial support with closing which comes from the program to buyers), and competitive interest rate during closing. TND is a complete package for someone like us - first time home buyers where you get all services in one place. We’ve worked with Jesse (realtor) who is very knowledgeable, patient, and provided expert opinion in every step of the process. We learned a lot about the house itself from Jesse - structure, foundation, and tips on how to maintain a house. 

After speaking with TND team, we knew we are in great hands and someone we can trust with big decisions. We highly recommend TND program to buy a house. The team goes above and beyond to meet buyers needs and always eager to answer any questions along the way. It was a true pleasure working with the entire team!. Thanks!”

Mit Trambadia
Needham, MA

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