Grants and Down Payment Assistance
If you are a government employee, including all city, county, state and Federal agencies, and have not owned a home in the past three years, you are eligible to participate in the Public Servant Next Door® First Time Home Buyer Program. All government employees may purchase ANY home on the market through Public Servant Next Door.  Plus, you may be eligible for the Public Servant Next Door Grant and additional down payment assistance for government employees. Our Public Servant Next Door Program Specialist will also discuss your eligibility for certain state specific programs, that may provide additional benefits.

Benefits for First Time Home Buyers:

  • NO application fees / NO up-front fees
  • Easy application process and up-front pre-approval.
  • NO 4-hour home buyer class
  • Simple Docs Program™ 
  • Low down payment options for first time home buyers. 
  • Purchase ANY home on the market
  • GRANTS up to $8,000.00
  • Down Payment Assistance up to $10,681.00
  • Home loans for first time home buyers.  
  • Preferred interest rates
  • FREE appraisal (up to $545.00 credit at closing)
  • FREE home buyer representation
  • FREE access to (MLS) home listings
  • FREE nationwide access to foreclosures
  • Discount title fees for first time home buyers
Who is Eligible:

  • City, County, State and Federal Employees  
  • General Administration 
  • Clerical and Office Staff
  • Engineering and Architecture Staff 
  • Equipment and Facilities Staff 
  • Information Technology
  • Transportation
  • Legal Services
  • Social Science, Psychology and Welfare
  • U.S. Postal Service Employees
  • Quality Assurance, Inspectors
  • Human Resources Management

First Time Home Buyers Video:

Welcome Home Girls

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Information updated November 11, 2023