Teacher Next Door Continues to Add New Down Payment Assistance Programs Nationwide.


The nation’s largest home buying program for teachers holds down payment assistance summit.


Tempe, January 29 2018.  This week, Teacher Next Door, the nation’s largest home buying program for teachers, held a three-day, down payment assistance summit in Tempe, Arizona, aimed at increasing the amount of assistance provided to teachers.

“Our focus this week was expanding our national matrix to be more inclusive and offer larger assistance amounts and benefit more program participants,” said Steve Parks, Teacher Next Door National Director.  “We now have over 30 different down payment assistance programs nationwide, that can be used in conjunction with our closing cost grant.”

Teacher Next Door already helps teachers in all 50 states navigate the home buying process, provides closing cost grants and arranges down payment assistance for qualified applicants.  Now, by increasing the number of programs they utilize and dialing in the specific requirement of each plan, they have no less than three potential down payment assistance sources for any area.  The down payment assistance programs include Georgia Dream, Home in Five Advantage, Home Plus, Chenoa and Unison, just to name a few.

“Despite rising home prices, I feel teachers and other service professionals should be able to live wherever they want, not just in certain neighborhoods.  Between our grants and the down payment assistance programs we utilize, teachers and their families enjoy far more buying power when they go to choose their next home,” Parks continued.  Through the Teacher Next Door program, you may purchase any home on the market.

This is not the first time Teacher Next Door has demonstrated their desire to help and strengthen communities.  In 2015 the program was expanded to include law enforcement officers, firefighters, EMT’s and nurses.

To check grant availability, visit the official website www.teachernextdoor.us/grant

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