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We were excited to participate in this year’s Hollis Cancer Center Promise Run! The run was organized by Lakeland Regional Health, and had over 1,200 participants, volunteers, and spectators who joined us in the race against cancer!

The Promise Run is inspired by people who believe that a community can come together to conquer cancer. It’s a celebration of the lives of loved ones touched by cancer and a Promise to strengthen the health of everyone around us.

Nurse Next Door® was pleased to sponsor the LRH Weight Loss Clinic Team (Weigh to Go Team), as well as volunteer at the event. What a fun day, for a great cause! Special shout-out to Joshua Farrell, Scottie Kautz, Paige Singletary, Sharon Parks, and all the other participants and volunteers in this year’s event! 

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All of us at Nurse Next Door® were excited to partner with the non-profit, Show Me Your Stethoscope, to adopt a number of families with special needs children for Christmas. This year it was our pleasure to provide the tree and decorations, Christmas dinner, and presents, for these hard working and deserving families. We would like send a special thank you to the team at SMYS, including Alley Staffier, Anthony Cosenza, and Jennifer Lombardi Story! Also, a big shout out to Next Door Programs' own James Hadley, Steve Parks, Nichole Wade and Jordan Garcia! 

To learn more about the charity efforts of Nurse Next Door® and Next Door Programs® please visit our Community Outreach and Charity page.

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Congratulations the Diaz Family, on your beautiful new home in Arizona! Evette works in the Tucson area, and was able to take advantage of the Nurse Next Door Grant and other benefits. Thank you for all you do to help our community!  We are happy to be part of your journey. Here's what they had to say about their experience with the program:

House of Our Dreams!

Nurse Next Door Realtor: Brian Cohrt
Nurse Next Door Loan Officer: Carlos Albelais

"When we started this journey we were fearful and nervous but working with Brian made us feel comfortable and secure with this whole process, letting us ask questions not knowing anything, like how it works, the vocabulary, the market, etc. At times when we felt overwhelmed, he was there to remind us of the big picture at the end. Helped us understand everything we had no idea about this business. We will make sure that our friends who plan to buy a house in the future get in contact with Brian so they have the same experience as us. He made everything easier, even though we only spoke a few handful of times on the phone, I wished we would’ve spoken more since he got us the house of our dreams. We appreciate Brian more than whoever reads this understands, get this man a raise and hope that he keeps being recognized for his achievements. Thank you so much Brian!!!!
Evette Diaz
Tucson, AZ

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Nurse Next Door Reviews September 2022

Dream Team!

Nurse Next Door Realtor: Thomas Aukland
Nurse Next Door Loan Officer: Bryan Friedman

"Bryan and his team are amazing! Bryan with Nurse Next Door Program explained in detail the process of finding, buying and closing on my dream home! Bryan and his team, Brandi was very helpful! I was partnered with a top notch realtor! Thomas is knowledgeable and very helpful in finding great suburbs with great schools! Thanks to Stephanie! To making sure all my documents were done in a timely manner. Bryan and his team helped me close on my house a week earlier than scheduled! Can’t thank y’all enough! Bryan and his team (Brandi & Stephanie) were attentive and quick to respond to my calls, texts and emails. I never felt like I was bothering them no matter what time or day it was. My realtor was top notch! I can’t thank y’all enough! I definitely got the dream team!!"
Rachel Longwell
Waterville, OH

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Posted by Teacher Staff on September 3rd, 2022 4:16 PM

Congratulations to the Provost Family, on your beautiful new home in Georgia!  Thank you for the 5-star review!  We were excited to be part of your journey!

Elizabeth is a Surgical Tech in the Gainesville area, and Paul is a Federal employee. They were able to take advantage of the Nurse Next Door grants and benefits. Here is what they had to say about their experience with the program.

Above Expectations!

Nurse Next Door Realtor: Allen Richardson
Nurse Next Door Loan Officer: Heather Martin

"Heather was great during the entire transaction. Her follow up and weekly updates were above expectations and I enjoyed working with her.
Paul Provost
Gainesville, GA

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Posted by Teacher Staff on August 3rd, 2022 3:43 PM

Nurse Next Door Reviews July 2022

Helpful and Responsive!

Nurse Next Door Realtor: Seth Railsback
Nurse Next Door Loan Officer: Brian Cohrt

"Brian was all the things you want – knowledgeable, helpful, responsive, encouraging, but beyond that he was easy to talk to and made sure I understood everything that was presented to me. His team was also very helpful and responsive. The level of care, attention to detail, and professionalism demonstrated by Brian surpassed my expectations. His team stays on top of every detail and is there for you every step of the way to answer any questions and address any concerns. I received professional and helpful service with my first home purchase and definitely recommend you have him on your side!"
Michaela Leys
Columbia, SC

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Posted by Teacher Staff on July 20th, 2022 2:58 PM

Congratulations Devon and Timothy Pegg on your beautiful new home in North Carolina!  Devon is a nurse in the Moorsville area and was able to take advantage of the Nurse Next Door Program grants and benefits. Thank you for being a nurse!  We are happy to be part of your journey.

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Posted by Teacher Staff on July 20th, 2022 2:51 PM

Nurse Next Door Reviews June 2022


Nurse Next Door Realtor: Cassie Altenberger
Nurse Next Door Loan Officer: Bryan Friedman

"Cassie was wonderful in helping our family find a new home. We were in the position of moving to the Denver area on a short timeline with limited opportunities to be physically present before the final move. Cassie facilitated our move as much as anyone could. She took the time to learn our preferences to narrow down the options to begin with. She walked through available homes we were interested in, while taking video and providing useful commentary for us to consider. When we were able to come to town for a short weekend, Cassie had nearly two dozen appointments lined up for us and was able to accommodate several others that popped up on the market during our stay. One of these last-minute additions became the home we made an offer on and eventually purchased. She was exceptional during the inspection/negotiation/closing process, keeping on top of required communication and answering our every question."
Jenna and Kyle Edds
Centennial, CO

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Nurse Next Door Reviews May 2022

All-Around Professional!

Nurse Next Door Realtor: Estefene Nestor
Nurse Next Door Loan Officer: Deantae Nestor

"DeAntae is a true all-around professional. We were impressed with her communication prowess, knowledge of the field, patience, transparency, and availability throughout the home buying process. We recommend DeAntae to anyone who is thinking about exploring the housing market. She helped us navigate the extremely competitive sellers’ market while educating us along the way. She was instrumental in our offer being accepted and loan closing within two weeks. Not only were her communications timely, clear, and informational but she also has an open-door policy giving us ample access to ask any questions we might have. We started the process with another loan officer at a different institution, needless to say, the experience with DeAntae has been exponentially better. Unlike the other officer at the other institution, she asked the right questions and collected all the required documents to provide us with a meaningful pre-qualification letter. Our real estate agent was impressed with her after talking with her on the phone and credits her with his ability to write a clean and winning offer letter. We will definitely work with her again in the near future and we recommend you do the same! Thanks DeAntae Rogers!!!!! You are the real MVP! You are exceptional at your job and provide superb customer service. The Tefera Family"
Anley Tefera
Concord, CA

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Posted by Teacher Staff on May 17th, 2022 3:50 PM

The Nurse Next Door Program is part of the largest National Home buying program in the United States, and is available to more than just nurses. In fact, ALL healthcare workers are eligible, including non-medical support staff. Apply today to find out more about grants, down payment assistance and other programs available through Nurse Next Door.

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