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Congratulations to Vanessa Williams, RN, on your beautiful new home!  Thank you for 5-star review and the kind words.  It was a pleasure to be part of your journey! 

Highly Recommend! 

Nurse Next Door Realtor: Maria Crisotomo
Nurse Next Door Loan Officer: Brian Cohrt

"I am a Registered Nurse.  An opportunity to purchase a house was open and I didn't have the entire down payment. I heard of a program to assist nurses with their down payment, Nurse Next Door.  I was paired with some awesome people, Maria, my realtor, Jenny, my account manager, and Brian, my loan officer. I would highly recommend them. Everyone is so nice and compassionate.  I can't begin to tell you, how many times I called Maria, day or night, she was always available. I so appreciate Jenny.  She was my go to.  If there was an issue, she made sure it was solved in a timely manner.  Brian, the glue, is so knowledgeable about the industry. I would highly recommend him to my colleagues. All in all, purchasing a home can be overwhelming. I am so glad I had the right team to get me through. Two thumbs up!!!!" 
Vanessa Williams
Fontana, CA
Nurse Next Door Review 5/08/2021

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Posted by Teacher Staff on May 8th, 2021 11:45 AM

CONGRATS to Nurse Courtney on her new home!! Through the Nurse Next Door Program, we helped Courtney utilize an amazing down payment program available in California and her total out of pocket cost was about $5,000 less than originally estimated.  Huge win for her!! Big shout out to Nurse Next Door Preferred Agent Ernie Sayson and NND Program Specialist Rahmun Aung Khin for their incredible work to make this happen!! 


Posted by Teacher Staff on March 3rd, 2021 2:04 PM

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Teacher Next Door Realtor: Benjamin Williams
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Samantha Wallace

"Samantha was excellent in her management of our loan after stepping in at the middle of the process. She had open lines of communication and was very helpful in explaining everything to us." 
Amberly Thompson
Atlanta, GA
Teacher  Next Door Review 2/10/2021

Supportive and Helpful! 

Teacher Next Door Realtor: Kathy Colbert
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Sean Baker

"Sean was great to work with. He was very supportive and helpful. Whenever I had questions, he was available to talk to me. I can't thank him enough for helping me to buy this house.
Amy Sorenson
New Orleans, LA
Teacher Next Door Review 2/09/2021

Very Pleased! 

Teacher Next Door Realtor: Kym Gifford
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Steven Ehrlich

"So very pleased with my experience! Thank you!
Denise Hughes
Safford, AZ
Teacher  Next Door Review 2/08/2021

A Blessing! 

Teacher Next Door Realtor: Luis Zelaya
Teacher Next Door Loan Officer: Patrick Warnholtz

"Patrick and the team have been a blessing during our home buying process. They knew we were working with a time crunch between out lease ending and finding our dream home and they helped it happen in a little over a month. We are so appreciative of their patience in answering all of our questions as first-time home buyers and their availability. The Teacher Next Door Program helped us and made the process enjoyable. Thank you!
Tanya Gantiva
Cypress, TX
Teacher Next Door Review 2/08/2021

Friendly and Helpful! 

Teacher Next Door Realtor: Clayton Cabber
Teacher  Next Door Loan Officer: Kendall Grady

"Friendly, helpful, and punctual." 
Stephen Gaztambide 
Edgewood, NM
Teacher Next Door Review 2/06/2021


Nurse Next Door Realtor: Thea Holeyfield
Nurse Next Door Loan Officer: Ryan Mutterer

"Thank you both for all your hard work in helping us close!! We're grateful for your expert knowledge and patience in getting us to the finish line!
Genevieve Clinton 
Jessup, MD
Nurse  Next Door Review 2/05/2021

Great Communication! 

Nurse Next Door Realtor: Monique Clayton
Nurse Next Door Loan Officer: Danny Thompson

"Great with communication. Answered every time we called." 
William Harrell
Chesapeake, VA
Nurse Next Door Review 2/05/2021 

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Posted by Teacher Staff on February 10th, 2021 3:31 PM


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